Saturday, 25 February 2017

Problem - "Highly Stressful job"

You choose your direction when you’re young but over the years you may find that your job creates more stress than you want to deal with. It may even leave you feeling trapped and unhappy about life.

After high school I went to work with my dad and sister in a supermarket that we bought as a family business. Supermarkets are open fifteen hours per day, every day of the week, all year.

We had management but we were almost always present in the business to ensure that things ran smoothly. I had no time for anything else but work and sleep for the two-plus years that I worked there. Fortunately, the business made good money, but when we got the chance to sell and get out, we took it. Sometimes hard work and sacrifice are worth the effort, but there’s only so long we can sustain that.

Unless you’re doing something you love, consider looking at alternative jobs. Everyone needs money, and sometimes you don’t have immediate options. But you have the power to plan and work toward something different if that’s truly what you want.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Problem - "HATE"

Hate is a poison that leads to anger, sadness and ultimately suffering.

If you hold animosity toward anyone, do the work to release it. That hate hurts you more than them, and it slowly degrades the quality of your life.

The best way to remove the hate from your heart is through forgiveness. Be the bigger person, forgive  and move on. Don’t focus on settling the score. Revenge only leads to regret.


If you cut out even just a few of these problems you’ll find that a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. You’ll also have more emotional freedom to enjoy the things you love doing.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

One of most common problem in our life - Too much Responsibility

Think back to a year ago or two year ago . How much extra responsibility has come into our life since then ? You may have too much stuff, too many possessions, too many projects and too many commitments.

Spreading yourself too thin reduces focus, increases stress and lowers overall performance.

Too much stuff could include anything from a new cell phone to a new swimming pool to a bigger house. It might be nice to have more possessions and new gadgets, but they often come with responsibilities and maintenance. Ask yourself if you’re being owned by the things you own.

It’s also exciting to get caught up in many new hobbies or projects. I did this when I got into building websites. Before I knew it I was working on twenty projects at the same time and seeing minimal results across the board. It took me a while to realize that I was working like a maniac, yet none of my projects were anywhere near completion.

These days I’m only working on two to three projects in total. Not only do I feel more relaxed because it’s easier to keep track of what I have to do, but I can also see significant progress in my work month after month since I am doing less.

Try to simplify your life. Cut down your possessions, projects, and hobbies to relieve some of the responsibilities that you don’t really need to have.